Wellness Original Ingredient

Original Ingredient for your Wellness!

mainly natural products from nature.


We are one of the country’s major suppliers of specialty and commodity chemicals or ingredients.

We are the leading supplier of essential oils, carrier (or vegetable) oils, botanical (or plant) extracts, butters, cosmetic specialty ingredients or additives, fragrances, salts, soap bases, surfactants (including emulsifier), waxes and various formulation aids.

We represent reliable and reputable Principals from around the world.

We supply to many local manufacturers, institutions and small business owners.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any enquiries or interests.

We will help to assist you if you have any questions.


Our Customers

Our customers are mainly from the Cosmetics and Toiletries Manufacturers. We have many Small and Medium Businesses buying from us also. Besides that, there are aspiring Entrepreneurs who wanted to venture into the Aromatherapy Business. End-users also came to visit and buy products from us for personal use and to test out our product's quality.

Guidance and Assistance

We provide assistance to our customers if they have any questions, issues or problems. We also provide technical assistance for the products that they want to manufacture. Business insights or advices can be discussed with us if you are open to sharing your doubts or obstacles with us. We provide guidance for any matters that you have and we will do our best to help you.

Technical Documents

We can provide many types of technical documents for each product for your reference or perusal. Just request it from us and we will be able to send it to you very fast, provided if the document is in our database. If it is not available, we will then request it from the Manufacturer or Supplier. Once we have received it, we can then send it to you. Go here at the bottom of the page under "Documentations" to see what are the documents that we can provide.

Benefits and Uses

For each product, we try our best to provide the benefits and uses in Skin Care and Aromatherapy (for Essential Oils and Carrier Oils). The information is below or besides the photo (if available). You need to click through the product (photo or product name) to be able to see the information. We hope that you will obtain much information here for your reference or study of any product of interest.


We have a wide collection of books that are related to our business. Feel free to go through the different categories of books that we have in our library, so that you can go to your favourite bookstore to purchase them. We scanned the front and the back of the book and then share here so that you can have a good picture and understanding of the usefulness of any book that you may want to go and buy.


We are pleased to share some recipes that we hope will be useful and serve as a guide that you can try. We will continuously share more recipe, when we have it. You can click here to go to the page directly.

Useful Oils

Essential Oils are very useful for many types of applications. For each type of application, we share which Essential Oil that can be used. Please take note that this information is for educational and general interest purpose only. You can click here to go to the page directly.

Price Lists

We have many price lists that you can request from us. Each price list is for different categories of products. Please contact us and tell us which price list that you want. We update our price list whenever there are any price changes (whether up or down), new product added or new information. Prices are still subject to our final confirmation. You can click here to see our price lists that are available.