Carrier Oils

Carrier oils or vegetable oils are also known as base oils. Carrier oils are vegetable, nut, or seed oils, many of which themselves have therapeutic properties. Essential oils in the pure state are too highly concentrated to be used directly on the skin. Therefore, you need to dilute them in carrier oil, so that they can be massaged or rubbed onto the skin in the correct dosage. In short, it is used in massage oil or treatment oil. They are also incorporated into skin care and hair care products for their many beneficial properties.

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Disclaimer: The information here is not intended as a medical reference, but as a source of information for education and general interest. Please do not use carrier oils if you are undergoing any other course of medical treatment without seeking professional or medical advice from licensed medical practitioner. You are advised to not attempt to do self-treatment for serious or long-term problems, during pregnancy, or for children without consulting a qualified practitioner. We cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions to the recipes or remedies recommendations. The use of any carrier oil is entirely at the reader’s own risk and discretion and is beyond our control. For serious or chronic health problems, please seek medical advice or consult a professional practitioner. We assume no responsibility for any action taken and disclaim any liability for damages arising indirectly or directly, either now or in the future.