Recipe 1: Lavender and Peppermint Oil Blend

- 5 drops of lavender essential oil
- 5 drops of peppermint essential oil
- 10 ml of unscented carrier oil (like coconut or almond oil)

1. Combine the lavender and peppermint essential oils in a small glass bottle.
2. Mix in the carrier oil and shake well to combine.
3. Apply a small amount to your temples, forehead, and the back of your neck at the first sign of a migraine.

Recipe 2: Rosemary and Eucalyptus Oil Diffuser Blend

- 4 drops of rosemary essential oil
- 4 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
- A diffuser

1. Combine the rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils in your diffuser.
2. Run the diffuser in the room where you are resting to help relieve migraine symptoms.

Recipe 3: Chamomile and Clary Sage Rollerball Recipe

- 5 drops of chamomile essential oil
- 5 drops of clary sage essential oil
- 10 ml of carrier oil
- A rollerball bottle

1. Add the chamomile and clary sage essential oils to the rollerball bottle.
2. Fill the rest of the bottle with the carrier oil and shake well to mix.
3. Apply to your wrists, behind your ears, and on your temples for migraine relief.